President's Message

Message From the Board Vice President for September 2017
The Board of Directors approved the 2017 - 2018 budget and is pleased to report that there will be NO increase in homeowner assessments for the upcoming fiscal year. This was possible because the Association’s Directors and the Interim General Manager scrutinized individual line items for ways to cut spending before they put together a proposed budget. The Budget Review Committee -  Dee Dee Garcia, Linda Titus, Gregg Hillers, and Rhonda Leon - analyzed the budget at a higher level, looking at trends, variances and projections. The budget process went very smoothly, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Treasurer John Smith, the Budget Review Committee, Association Staff Leadership and the Board of Directors.  
Speeding Fears
A sign on a college campus states “Everyone is trying to get somewhere; please be nice about it.”  Let’s apply this idea to traveling on our neighborhood streets. Many SVL residents have expressed concern about the risk of serious accidents due to speeding. Consider leaving your house a few minutes earlier so that you can drive at a safe speed. We are all trying to get somewhere; please be safe about it.
Gentle Nudge
The association staff is working to ensure that the high neighborhood standards desired by Spring Valley Lake homeowners are enforced. Staff understands that small items may go unnoticed by homeowners and/or that homeowners may be unaware of certain requirements. For some small items, staff will leave door hangers identifying the problem. We ask that homeowners think of this as a gentle reminder, rather than as an annoyance. This is an extra step the staff does not have to take. We also ask that when homeowners receive a door hanger, courtesy notice and/or a citation that they keep the Association informed, especially when there might be a delay in resolving the problem. This will reduce frustration, unnecessary paperwork and appeals. 
Community Loss
Bob Teran passed away after a short battle with an aggressive form of leukemia. Bob and Mary have been active community members, both socially and as leaders. Most recently, Bob served as Chair of the Architectural Committee. Mary has served as Secretary of the Equestrian Committee for years. Spring Valley Lake friends and neighbors send condolences to the Teran Family.
Thank you to all of you who make Spring Valley Lake a better place by serving on committees, reporting concerns, maintaining your property, sharing information, and simply being neighborly.  
Amy Stanton
SVL Board Vice President


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