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Message from the Board President for October 2019
Recently Association members were sent a survey to complete regarding the work that the Community Task Force is doing for the Board. This work is relative to the Spring Valley Lake Country Club and the impact it has on our community. Before we go further, allow me to provide some context and history.
Golf course ownership and success have landed on hard times. Golf is not nearly as popular as it was 10 years ago. Many clubs across the country have struggled and a good number of them have closed. The impact to the communities that surround those impacted clubs has been severe and had a negative impact on property values especially when the golf course closed.
Not long ago, the Association was approached about creating a relationship with Club Corp for our community and Spring Valley Lake Country Club. After several fact-finding discussions, we found it quite difficult to gain any specifics to a plan that would benefit both parties. Knowing that SVLCC is not generating the profits that Club Corp desires, we saw a potential risk for our community. At that time, we decided to bring the conversation to the Board to explore and discuss our options. The Task Force was then formed and has been doing that work for some time now. In addition to those discussions, we are seeking out industry experts and professionals that can guide us along this journey.
Any agreement or decision made relative to the Country Club is a big decision for our community. I can assure you that we are taking our time, learning and studying about the options, and getting good advice and counsel before any decisions are made.  Recently, you all received a survey about this. This survey is a means for the Task Force to gather information and input from our members. That information is one important part of the puzzle.
I encourage everyone to complete the survey and provide your thoughts and opinions. If the questions were not enough for you, there is a comment section where you can add whatever else you want the Task Force to know. 
In closing, please understand that there is no pre-determined path we are pushing for. Our only goals are to address potential risks for our community and determine the best possible solutions for this challenge.
Thanks for your input.
Rory Shannon,
SVLA Board President


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