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Message from the Board Director for SVLA Breeze June 2017
Congratulations are in order for Alfred Logan as he was recently named Interim General Manager of SVLA. Mr. Logan’s years of dedication and exemplary work ethic as the Director of Public Safety made this appointment an easy choice for the Board. The responsibilities of General Manager have been placed on Mr. Logan while the Board works through the recruitment process to fill the general manager’s vacancy. Lisa Hartley will be stepping up in the Public safety department taking on a leadership role while Al Logan focuses on the GM position.

Congratulations Al! It’s well deserved. You have an outstanding team and an entire community behind you.

I wanted to make sure the community understands that it could not be in better hands. Change is nothing to be afraid of; it creates opportunities for continual improvement. New ideas and attitudes come from change; and that is what you can expect from the SVLA staff all the way up to the board of Directors, all of whom work very hard in serving your community.

The Board of Directors and the Architectural Committee, lead by Amy Stanton and Bob Teran, have been very busy and are proud to have approved the new architectural guidelines. These new updated guidelines are the results of years of hard work by many people - both past and current committee members and Directors. The new guidelines are available on the SVLA web site. They are much more applicable to today’s modern approach to construction and design and will benefit both the home owner and code enforcement.

The Board of Directors and The Community Planning committee, lead by Christopher Huntingford and Jeri Lawrence, have put out the latest version of the new park plan on the SVLA web site for public comment. This project also has been a long process. Director of Operations Dennis Teece finally took the plans and locked himself in his office. Working tirelessly, he appeared some 3 days later with a plan that encompasses virtually all of the needs demonstrated in the public surveys. The Board is very excited and sends a big thank you to Dennis for all of his hard work. The Board hopes  to vote on this project at the July Meeting.

The Board was given an update at the June 27 open board meeting on the construction of the new entry way at the Bear Valley Road entrance to Spring Valley Lake. Information was shared that construction could start as early as October / November of 2017.
Lastly, the annual firework show was simply outstanding. The Staff outdid themselves this year, as they do every year. Long hot hours were put in by everyone, and the community thanks you for yet another outstanding event.

Steve Garcia

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