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 Message from the BOD President for June 2018
Is Anybody Listening?
Have you ever heard a homeowner speak passionately about an issue at a Board meeting and notice that the Board does not even discuss the issue?  What is going on? 
If homeowners wish to discuss items that are not on the agenda, they may submit a comment card and speak during the Homeowner’s Open Forum. Unfortunately, the Board’s ability to address the homeowner’s comment is limited by statute.  CA Civil Code Section 4930(b) states that Boards may briefly respond to statements made or questions posed, ask a question for clarification, make a brief announcement, or make a brief report on the board member’s own activities.
The limitation preventing the Board from discussing non-agenda items is frustrating for the Board as well as for homeowners. One way the Board has tried to demonstrate that it is listening to homeowners’ comments is to place items that have been raised in the Homeowner’s Open Forum on the following month’s agenda so that the items can be discussed.  
The purpose of posting agendas prior to the meeting is to give homeowners notice of what is going to be discussed, so homeowners can be present at the meeting if they are interested. If an issue is on the agenda for an Open Board Meeting, homeowners can submit a comment card and talk about that item when it comes up on the agenda. The Board is able to discuss comments and questions that address items that are on the agenda. 
Usually when homeowners speak during Homeowner’s Open Forum, the General Manager, as well as the Directors of Operations, Administration and Public Safety, make notes of individual homeowner issues so they can work to resolve them. The General Manager frequently encourages homeowners to contact him outside the meeting so he can discuss issues in more detail. 
The Board of Directors does like to hear comments, concerns and suggestions from homeowners. In addition to attending Board meetings, homeowners can give input by attending Town Hall sessions on particular issues, responding to survey requests, reviewing drafts of rules or guidelines, participating on committees, attending the annual budget meeting or sending an email to
The Board and the Association Team are listening. We hope that the community is “listening” to information in the Breeze, on the SVLA Facebook, on Twitter, on the website, and in the e-blasts. Thank you for listening.

- Amy Stanton
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