General Manager's Message

Message From the General Manager for February 2018
alWe are excited to report that our community is continuing to go in a great direction regarding the curb appeal of properties. Our Code Enforcement team is diligently inspecting their areas and enforcing SVLA’s community rules. We are thankful for residents who have decided to enhance the appearance of their properties. We appreciate your effort and dedication in keeping SVL the Jewel of the High Desert.

Speeding vehicles

We received several concerns from residents regarding vehicles speeding in our community. We are asking all residents to take a proactive stance and be mindful of your speed. Additionally, please do not engage in activities that are known to be a distraction while driving. Every resident should feel safe when walking or enjoying themselves in the community. If you notice unsafe speeds in your neighborhood, please call the California Highway Patrol at 760-255-8750 . The more calls CHP receives about our community, the more data they will have to support providing more speed control measures in our community. Please do not hesitate to call CHP!


As you all know, we strive to provide outstanding service to our residents. We are consistently training and growing as a team. Furthermore, we would like to hear from you. We would like to know which area(s) that we need to grow in and improve on from your perspective! When filling out this survey please keep in mind we are looking for constructive reviews with the intent to implement positive change and notify the team of excelling areas. We will not entertain any personal attacks on employees or Board of Directors. Please keep your eyes out for the survey to be released around the end of February. We will release the link on Facebook and by E-mail. We will allow 15 days before we conclude our survey. Please note that the survey is being created for internal use only. We value your opinion and look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you to our Board of Directors!

You all do so much for our community and often are not thanked. Thank you for giving your time and dedication to your community. You are appreciated!

Alfred Logan,
General Manager

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