General Manager's Message

Message From the General Manager for June 2018
amyRecently I was asked “How do we (Residents) know if Spring Valley Lake Association (SVLA) is improving?” Here are the facts:
  • We have a dedicated Board of Directors that is passionate about SVLA
  • Our committee and volunteer participation has increased
  • Currently, SVLA has approximately sixteen new residential constructions underway
  • There are 240 approved architectural projects underway, at this moment (residents improving their property)
  • Our customer service and follow-up continues to be a strong point - we have received positive feedback (e-mails and phone calls) regarding residents’ contact with our staff
  • Properties that have been an eyesore for years have now been returned to compliance
  • Communication – We are delivering over 50% more relevant information / content to residents about SVLA
  • Participation in SVLA events has increased significantly
  • Our code enforcement team will now be working weekends (identifying violations)
  • Training – Each department has improved the frequency and quality of its staff training
  • Maintaining SVLA’s properties – Our maintenance department has increased the number of its inspections and is responsible (and accountable) for maintaining all of SVLA’s amenities
  • Public safety will continue to be proactive and we make your safety on the association’s property our priority
There are many other obvious signs of improvement to be seen, and I encourage residents to drive around the community, to check them out for themselves. We will also continue to use every resource available to resolve any violations of the CC&R.
New owners
As I stated in a previous article, we are going out of our way to welcome new owners. I’m excited to report that our association office has completed a welcome package for new homeowners. New home owners will also receive a visit from our public safety team, who will welcome them to the community and will offer them an informative pamphlet.
Our code enforcement team will continue to inspect all properties entering escrow, in order to ensure that the new owner is aware of any, and all, current violations on the property, before it closes escrow. New home owners will continue to receive SVLA’s escrow documents during the escrow process.
When a new owner comes to the association office to receive their amenity passes, they will also receive a folder with helpful information about SVLA.
In addition to the information, as above, each new owner will be invited to a new members’ orientation to learn about living in SVLA, and they will be able to ask any questions they might have about the community.
I also want to take this opportunity to thank the staff for their dedication in delivering above average services to our residents.
Al Logan,
General Manager


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