Interim General Manager's Message

Message from the Interim General Manager for September 2017
Seasonal Employees
I would like to send out a big thank you to our seasonal employees. As a yearly goal, we always strive to improve our services during the summer and I must admit that this was one of our best years. One contributing factor to our summer staff’s success had a lot to do with our leadership team. Our lifeguard supervisor was outstanding and exceeded our expectations. Great job Tyler Bennett! Also, our Interim Director of Public Safety Lisa Hartley stepped up to the plate and led the Public Safety team through a successful summer.
In addition, I would like to thank our maintenance and administration team. Our maintenance team was outstanding and responded to requests for repairs / maintenance immediately. Our mechanic kept our equipment and vehicles operable. The administration staff experienced an increase in resident requests for services and delivered outstanding customer service. Thank you all for getting the job done and working as a team.
A reminder to our residents
As a reminder, please contact me with your concerns. I return all phone calls, e-mails and meet with residents on a regular basis. I also want to encourage all residents to attempt to contact the department director regarding their subject of concern. Each department director is highly qualified to answer and resolve your concern(s). In the event that you still have a concern after attempting to resolve a matter, know that I’m here to set up a meeting with you.  We are dedicated to resolving residents’ concerns and continuing to improve your community. 
Annual Disclosures Packets
Your annual disclosures for 2017-2018 were completed and have been sent out for mailing to all property owners.  Please look out for them in the mail starting the 1st week of October. You can also find it on our website at under Financials in the Association tab or copies will be available at the Association Office after October 1.
Code Enforcement
I would like to thank our Code Enforcement team. They are working hard and we are already noticing a difference in the community. The number one complaint that I’ve received is trash cans being left out. Trash cans must be put away after trash day and must be out of view from the street. If your trash can is left out, you will receive a courtesy notice.
Our team understands that there is a possibility that we are identifying violations that may have been missed or overlooked in the past. One concern that we have been made aware of is that there are some residents that are upset because they purchased a home in the past and are now being notified of violations. The question that was raised from several homeowners was “Why am I responsible for the maintenance / repairs that the old owner failed to do?” Here is my answer: Generally, you are buying the property as is. All conditions that are known by an owner should have been in your disclosure packet. If you purchased your property using a real estate agent, one of the required documents that you were asked to review and sign was a recommendation to obtain a property inspection. A professional property inspector would have pointed out most cosmetic external areas of the home that is in need of repair and maintenance. Our Code Enforcement team will also provide an inspection of a property with the intent to identify SVLA violations. So, if you are a real estate agent representing a buyer or seller, a buyer or know someone buying in SVLA, please request a free inspection from our Code Enforcement team before escrow closes. We hope this new available request will help. We want all residents to know that we appreciate your compliance and your communication. Remember, our goal is compliance not citations.
“Everything we do has one purpose – to make Spring Valley Lake the community of choice and the Jewel of the High Desert.”
-Al Logan
Interim General Manager

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